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is currently dedicated to exploring hidden gems in the Veneto region… and to these charming poppies, which grow wild along the meandering Bisatto Canal.

There are so many great places around the world to visit and experience. Romantic Venice and artistic Florence, vibrant cosmopolitan cities and exotic countries are enormous sources of art and culture, architecture and design, great times and entertainment.

But have you ever thought how many tiny gems are hidden in our small charming towns and villages? Sometimes they stand completely deserted, beside a road or in the middle of a field. Many of them are deeply immersed in history, legends and myths.

The Culture Blog is dedicated to such small towns and villages. As well as their rich historic and cultural heritage, these places have plenty of other things to offer. For instance, have you ever wondered about the joys of a traditional carnival in a small historic town such as Este, a bustling antiques market at the centre of the medieval town of Montagnana or a thrilling bike ride through the stunning countryside?

To begin with, take your time and enjoy reading about Este, one of the beautiful walled towns of Veneto; a real tiny gem of the region, whose fascinating history stretches back over 3,000 years...

To find out more about Este and its historic monuments you can also read a sample from my eBook and purchase it from Amazon by clicking below:

The town of Este, (PD)


Explore the hidden gems of the delightful historic towns and charming villages scattered throughout the Veneto region.

Traditions, history, Events


Discover the land of skilful artisans and creative artists.

Enjoy cultural events throughout the year, from monthly antiques markets to bike racing and local food festivals, where you can watch or participate and gain much pleasure from gourmet food and pleasant shopping.

Veneto Faith Heritage


Explore the special faith heritage sites throughout the towns and villages of Veneto. Early Christian sites and old monasteries, tiny chapels and charming Romanesque churches, gorgeous basilicas and impressive cathedrals are all real treasures, waiting for you to enjoy.

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