The Church of the Madonna del Carmine

by Iryna Venco on 3 January 2019

Church of the Madonna del Carmine, Este (PD)

This tiny church with its beautiful 18th-century façade was dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine. Built between 1602 and 1613, the church served the Carmelites for over fifty years until 1656 when the small convent that was attached to it was dissolved and the church sold.

The present building has a longitudinal layout. The total length of the church is about 15 metres, the total width is eight metres and the median height is nine metres. The building comprises one nave and two altars, one on each side. A presbytery with a rectangular layout is situated at the end of the nave near to the room where a campanile is raised.

Above the main entrance to the church is a dedication plaque with the inscription, B.M.VIRG. DE MONTE CARMELO, and the date, MDCX (1610), which probably indicates the exact date of the church’s construction.

Considerable restoration and rebuilding works were carried out in the 18th century when the church was enlarged, a new façade was built and two altars were added, one on either side of the nave.

The interior of the present church has preserved the valuable floor in white and red terrazzo and a finely decorated coffered wooden ceiling. Other precious artworks are two valuable wooden confessionals and two statuettes that represent San Simone Stock, founder of the Carmelite order, and San Gregorio Barbarigo, the Bishop of Padua.

At present, only the exterior of the church can be seen, although it opens for the celebration of the Madonna del Carmine on 16th July of each year.

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