Alla corte degli Estensi Festival

by Iryna Venco on 4 July 2018

Alla corte degli Estensi festival, Este (PD)

Este is a town that is proud of its history. The “Alla Corte degli Estensi” festival is a confirmation of this. Since 2002, this annual event has been celebrated in Este in the first week of June.

The festival is held by the historical-cultural association “Este Medievale” for the purpose of rediscovering Atestini’ own roots, promoting knowledge about Este’s fascinating history and reminiscing about the splendour of the great Estense family, who ruled the territory during the 12th and 13th centuries.

At the centre of the celebration is an important historical event and the heroic figure of the Marquis Azzo VII, a Guelph and a passionate defender of the Church, who returned to Este after liberating the town from Ezzelino III da Romano’s occupation in 1257. Two years later, he decisively defeated Ezzelino’s troops at the Battle of Cassano.

The “Alla Corte degli Estensi” festival uncovers the origins of an ancient culture through learning about the town’s history, holding workshops and practising medieval arts such as archery and fencing, fireworks, dance and music.

You can step back in time and enjoy the festival together with the Marquises d’Este and their courts, inside the castle walls. An encampment includes medieval tents assembled with meticulous care, ancient taverns, fascinating exhibits of medieval arts and crafts, vibrant traditional costumes and child-friendly activities, as well as live entertainment.

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