Carnival in Este

by Iryna Venco on 4 March 2017

Carnival in Este, 2017

Carnival is one of the brightest winter holidays in Italy. The Italian word carnevale comes from the medieval Latin carnem levāre, which means to stop eating meat during Lent. Carnivals were traditionally religious festivals. Carnival is celebrated between Epiphany, which falls on 6 January, and Shrove Tuesday.

Although the hotspot of the carnival activities in Italy is Venice, festivities take place throughout the country. Este is not an exception. This year, the town celebrated its annual event on 26 February.

People dressed in carnival costumes came from all parts of the town and the nearest villages and congregated in Este’s old centre. The main square was already full of people having a wonderful time. There was a very festive atmosphere. Some children enjoyed a carousel; others, dressed in their funny costumes, wandered around the town centre throwing confetti. Brightly coloured balloons flew cheerfully in the air.

This year, the carnival in Este exceeded all expectations, as it was not limited just to the children's activities. It was obvious that careful preparation and organization had preceded this cultural event, as allegorical floats and colourful costumes were made, inflatable games for kids and stalls with sweets were constructed and candy floss and traditional carnival frittelle were organized. Everything you need to enjoy and experience the true spirit of carnival had been assembled.

Spectators gathered along Principe Umberto Street and the piazza Maggiore to watch the carnival procession go past. The carnival procession of nicely decorated floats, followed by participants in amazing costumes, paraded through the old town’s streets. The procession started from Principe Umberto Street and slowly made its way to the heart of the old town.

The main square of Este was ready to entertain its participants and guests. A stage had been installed in the piazza Maggiore, on which costumed children amused spectators with animated performances and live entertainment during the evening.

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