Este in Fiore festival, Este (PD)

Este in Fiore

by Iryna Venco on 5 June 2017

Este in Fiore festival is an annual event dedicated to floriculture and is open to anyone who is passionate about flowers and garden design. It takes place in Este in April. This year the town celebrated the 16th anniversary of Este in Fiore festival. The event was packed with more than 200 exhibitors and welcomed over 70,000 visitors.

The importance of this event has greatly increased in recent years. Today, Este in Fiore festival unites multiple local flower growers and florists, producers of garden accessories and pottery and ceramics, local food and wine makers, cultural institutions and local businesses. They gather together to represent their culture and traditions and to manifest their strong bond with their origins and love for their land and nature.

The festival is always colourful and exciting, brimming with fresh and creative ideas, and this year was no exception. As usual, the piazza Maggiore was the central part of the event. It premiered its new appearance to visitors and guests. A green village called Il Fiore della Vita (“the flower of life”) dominated by a white large tent in the form of a biosphere was set up at the heart of the old town. The biosphere was home to a whole host of activities, including thematic conferences, talks, creative workshops and laboratories. The small cottages of the green village offered visitors delicious food and fine wines.

Numerous exhibitors displaying beautiful flowers, garden accessories and ceramics, homemade cosmetics, hand-painted silk scarves, local artisan food and wine were also spread across the Carrara Castle’s grounds. Apart from looking for ideas for home or garden design, visitors could enjoy a pleasant walk through the castle grounds and the guided tour of the castle's keep, from which they could marvel at the magnificent panoramic view of Este and its surrounding.

It seemed that all the territory of Ateste was involved in the flower celebration and there was something for everyone to enjoy at the Este in Fiore festival. As the central theme of the event was “participation”, multiple workshops and laboratories were organized. Este Ceramiche e Porcellane, a local producer of pottery and ceramics, contributed their own creative laboratory with kilns and provided a guided tour of their factory. Thematic conferences and seminars offered great opportunities to get expert tips on gardening and to learn about the various gardening themes.

This event was a perfect day out for the whole family and anyone looking to soak up the great outdoors. Visitors enjoyed the spectacular scenery of the countryside and discovered local herbs used in the cooking traditional dishes of spring. The guided tour around the old town centre was organized for those who are interested in the history of the town.

This year, visitors enjoyed la Notte bianca dei Fiori (“the white night of the flowers”). Local bars were open until midnight, offering their guests floral cocktails. People could relax listening to the magical sounds of live harp music or just enjoy the live cooking show with delicious floral recipes offered by a special guest inside the biosphere.

If you have never been to the Este in Fiore festival, you have to give it a try. It is an ideal opportunity to make your mind buzz with new ideas for your home or garden, or to simply have fun with all your family and have a new experience. In addition, it is a great chance to immerse yourself in local traditions and customs, food and drink, beautiful landscapes and tourism attractions.

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