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Venice carnival
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Venice carnival

People and Events

Montagnana Prosciutto Festival

by Iryna Venco on 25 May 2018

Montagnana Prosciutto Festival

Festa del Prosciutto is an annual food festival, which takes place each May in Montagnana, one of the most delightful small towns in the Veneto region... Read more

Este in Fiore festival

by Iryna Venco on 5 June 2017

Este in Fiore Festival

Este in Fiore festival is an annual event dedicated to floriculture and is open to anyone who is passionate about flowers and garden design. It takes place in Este in April... Read more

Carnival in Este

by Iryna Venco on 4 March 2017

Carnival in Este, Italy

Carnival is one of the brightest winter holidays in Italy. The Italian word Carnevale comes from the medieval Latin carnem levāre that means to stop eating meat during Lent as carnivals were traditionally religious festivals... Read more

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