Palazzo Pesaro

by Iryna Venco on 6 July 2018

Palazzo Pesaro, Este (PD)

Palazzo Pesaro is one of the most imposing Venetian villas erected in the Este area at the dawn of the 18th century. Commissioned by Zuanne Pesaro, the palace was built by the Venetian architect, Antonio Gaspari, who had also worked on the Duomo of Este.

The fa├žade of the central building is divided into three registers with different architectural styles on each section (Tuscan at the bottom, Ionic in the middle and Corinthian at the top). A richly decorated pediment raised above the third storey preserves the family coat of arms and war trophies. The walls of one of the halls on the right side of the building are adorned with the 18th-century frescoes of Davide Antonio Fossati.

The Palazzo Pesaro has housed the Manfredini College (a vocational school) for over 100 years.

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