Translation Services

Translation for the agricultural sector

Translation for the agricultural sector

Agriculture translation involves both linguistic skills and subject-specific knowledge to convey a message without losing its meaning. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in philology (translation), I hold a PhD degree in Agrochemistry, which enables me to provide you with clear and accurate translation services in this field.

Areas I have worked in include:

Agricultural chemistry, including crop nutrition, crop growth and development, crop nutrient uptakes and nutrient deficiencies, crop nutritional programmes, mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizer, liquid and soluble fertilizers, micronutrients, biostimulants, soil and leaf analysis, and food quality

Organic farming, agronomy, physiology, ecology and environment protection, and education and training

GIS and remote sensing applications in agricultural and educational processes

Document types I can translate for you:

  • Product catalogues and descriptions
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Company and/or service descriptions
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Manuals and instructions
  • Training materials
  • Business correspondence and other letters
  • Web content
  • And much more
Translation for the tourism, travel and leisure sector

Translation for the tourism, travel and leisure sector

Some of the areas I specialize in are personal interests of mine, especially tourism, travelling and leisure.

Tourism- and travel-related translation is both highly enjoyable and challenging, as it requires thorough knowledge of various subjects, including architecture, archaeology, religion, art and culture, to mention but a few.

Since moving to Italy in 2013, I have used this ideal opportunity to develop my passion for a different culture, deepen my understanding of languages, and learn about local history and traditions, while exploring new places.

Being a country of immense cultural heritage, Italy is not only a place for holidays and enjoyment, it is also a perfect destination for learning about rich artistic treasure while travelling.

Types of texts I can translate for you:

  • Catalogues, leaflets, brochures
  • Descriptions of places of interests and historic sites
  • Agritourism information
  • Food and wine guides
  • Recipes
  • Text about various local events
  • Web content

Writing Services

Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing

Often, texts are required to be written from scratch. When you need to write about a city, a town or a landmark for promotional purposes, I can offer you my descriptive writing service.

Writing is a more consuming service than translation. Usually, it involves finding and thoroughly researching a diverse range of material. Therefore, learning about local culture, history and language is an integral part of my writing process. When describing a place or an event, I visit it in person, if possible. But, if not, I carry out research in local libraries or on the Internet.

I can provide you with descriptions of places, buildings or events for your website, article, brochure, leaflet or travel guide.

My writing service includes descriptions of towns, historic and religious sites such as medieval castles, churches, monasteries, museums, local culture and traditions, festivals and events, food and drinks.

Interested in my writing descriptive service?

To find out more about my writing, I invite you to visit my blog.

Places to explore

Faith heritage

Traditions, History, Events

Traditions, History, Events



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